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‘Anybody can make history. Only a great man can write it.’ - Oscar Wilde

We Need You

We’ve come to you because historians practice debate and discussion and interpretation of the real and the lived. We need your subject matter expertise to build our history questions with meaningful knowledge, give historical perspective on other issues, and turn Parlia into something beautiful.

Our mission demands deep understanding of everything. We want our encyclopedia to be definitive. That’s why we want you to:

Join us and to get in touch. Drop a note to Nushy with all your thoughts and ideas.

What important questions remain unanswered?

Bring your knowledge to create a library of the fundamental history questions any encyclopedia should cover. The ones that remain controversial today, and the ones that demand we listen, to understand the present. Build them on our platform to share them with the world.

Recommend Further Reading

Historians are experts on papers, sources and critical texts. Tell our audiences what they need to be reading to engage with your subject. Contribute to debates online!

Edit the Content

There are many armchair historians. And very few expert historians. Turn others’ work into substantiated maps by editing their work. And in doing so, climb to the top of the leader board.

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