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‘It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.’ - Aristotal

We’ve come to you because we feel at home with skeptics. We come from the same perspective: scientific dissection of arguments. Our method is understanding every take on an idea, and we want you to show us how it’s done.

We have designed the world’s first encyclopedia of opinions. And we’d love you to experiment with, contribute to, and cast your critical eye upon our project.


Join us and to get in touch - drop a note to Nushy with all your thoughts and ideas.

What important questions do we need to answer?

Nature versus nurture, mind versus body: which debates and intellectual battles need to exist on our platform? You know the ropes. Tell us what to create and help us build it.

Help us with our Framing, Premises & Counter Premises

All our arguments have premises: what are the fundamental assumptions at the root of every argument? Contribute to these discussions online!

Advise us on Further Reading

You know what we don’t. Tell our users what to read if they’re hooked on a debate and want to get stuck into it.

Teaching Logic with Parlia

We want to educate. Whether structuring arguments or essay design, use us as a tool for students. Or, tell us how we can become a resource for your community.

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