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‘Write what should not be forgotten.’ - Isabelle Allende

We’ve come to you because completing our mission depends on writing.

Not just any writing, but great writing - the type that inspires and emotes. We need extraordinary writers who are able to present the most complex of arguments in the simplest of ways. And powerfully enough to challenge the long-standing views of our audiences - from all sides of the spectrum.

We have designed the world’s first encyclopedia of opinions. And we want you to develop it with us.


Join us and to get in touch - drop a note to Nushy with all your thoughts and ideas.

Contribute to debates online!

What important questions remain unanswered?

Bring your ideas, your creativity, your ability to boil sprawling arguments into clear and concise copy. Bring all of these to craft beautiful arguments with us, for the world to see.

Recommend Further Reading

Writers are expert readers. Tell our audiences what they need to be reading to engage with your writing.

Edit the Content

Not all of our contributors are writers. In fact, most of them aren’t. Turn others’ work into exquisite copy by editing their work. And in doing so, climb to the top of the leader board.

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