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What is the future of the European Union?

In recent years the European Union has faced a litany of challenges, from the Eurozone crisis, the migrant crisis, and Brexit, this has led many to speculate whether the days of the European political and economic union are numbered?

The European Union will not exist in the future

The European Union is in steady decline. It is only a matter of time before it dissolves altogether.

The European Union will break up

The European Union is a ticking time bomb that will inevitably break up. Explore

The EU will be replaced by a similar collaborative organisation

The problem lies with the institutions, rather than the EU itself. Explore

The European Union will continue to exist

The European Union is a strong institution that will continue to exist in some form.

The European Union will become a United States of Europe

The EU will integrate more and more until they form a 'United States of Europe', a counterpart to China and the US. Explore

The EU will become a loose federation of member states

Instead of leaving the EU, member states will seek to loosen the rules. Explore

The EU will integrate further, but remain a membership organisation

EU integration will increase, but not to the point of completely pooled sovereignty. Explore
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