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Are political protests effective?

A protest is a public demonstration that expresses disapproval towards something. Political protests focus on objecting policies or actions by governing bodies. Some of the political protests that have occurred in the past year include the George Floyd protests, the 2019-2020 Hong Kong protests, the Philippines’ Anti-Terror Bill protests, and the 2019 Venezuelan protests.

Political protests are effective

Several political protests held during the past decade have resulted in policy changes. Regardless of their outcomes, political protests can be considered effective since they inspire people to become politically active. Protesters create awareness about specific issues, especially those experienced by marginalised groups. By having their voices heard, both in their home country and all over the world, protesters ignite discourse and action.

They are effective because they ignite discourse and action

Political protests inspire people, especially those from marginalized groups, to create dialogue about specific policies and concerns. Explore

They are effective because they influence policy making

Influential political protests create political movements that impact policy making. Explore

Political protests are not effective

Political protests alone cannot create a lasting impact. The public would benefit more from also learning about significant issues as opposed to simply becoming aware of them. People need to engage in “evidence-based education” to bring about real change.

They are not effective on their own

Political protests need evidence-based education in order to succeed. Explore
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