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Is Tony Blair a war criminal?

The Chilcot Inquiry into former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair's invasion of Iraq argues the invasion was unnecessary and against the UN's recommendations. Many argue this disregard for international law makes Tony Blair a war criminal, and he should be tried in an international court for war crimes.

No, Tony Blair is not a war criminal

Tony Blair was acting on intelligence that justified his crimes at the time. This shows that Tony Blair is not a war criminal.

Tony Blair's leadership was not defined by the Iraq War

Blair led a government that successfully reduced UK poverty and increased wages. These outweigh his mistakes in Iraq. Explore

Tony Blair was led by false information

Blair believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and was acting in the interests of the world. Tony Blair is not a war criminal. Explore

Yes, Tony Blair is a war criminal

Tony Blair broke international law, leading to the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives. This shows that Tony Blair is a war criminal.

Tony Blair violated international law

The invasion was illegal, breaking the UN Security Council resolutions to which all nations are bound. Explore

Other world leaders have been tried for lesser crimes than Tony Blair

Blair's contemporaries, such as Colonel Gaddafi, were forced to confront their crimes in court. Blair should not be an exception. Explore

300,000 people died as a result of Tony Blair's actions

The monstrous scale of unjustified fatalities at his hands means he must be tried. Tony Blair is a war criminal. Explore

Tony Blair was motivated by financial greed

The invasion had no purpose, other than to seize control of Iraqi oil resources. Tony Blair is a war criminal. Explore

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