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Is Western liberalism obsolete?

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with the Financial Times that western liberalism is obsolete. Its obituary is being written by everyone from former Trump adviser Steve Bannon to Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban and journalists like Edward Luce and James Traub. Authoritarian China is ascendant. Free trade, the rule of law, freedom of movement and toleration are in trouble around the world. So has the cluster of ideas known as western liberalism had its day?

No, western liberalism is needed more than ever.

There is no ideological option that societies can subscribe to on a global basis

Western liberalism is flexible enough to adapt and pivot to a changed macro-encironment

It's not obsolete, but under threat

The evidence is there

Liberalism may be under threat, but most wealthy countries are still liberal market democracies Explore

Direct response

Valdimir Putin made his claim in an interview with the UK newspaper The Financial Times. The FT's editorial board responded with a comment rebutting him: It said liberal, market-based democracy remains the organising principle in most non-petrostate countries with the highest living standards — and vital to the dynamism that generated their prosperity. Explore

Liberalism has outlived its purpose

The undue influence held by capital owners and government officials is to blame for the end of liberalism

Capital owners and government officials have failed to share the economic value-creation with their respective societies, suggesting that liberalism serves a limited group of individuals. Explore

Liberalism is being replaced by Christian democracy

Liberalism is in favour of multiculturalism, immigration and fluid forms of the family. Christian democracy is against those things and is for that reason 'illiberal.' Explore

Yes and it's a shame

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