What happened to the lost colony of Roanoke?

Roanoke Island, off the coast of what is now North Carolina, was colonized in May of 1587. John White, in charge of the colony, left that August to retrieve more supplies from England, leaving behind roughly 115 colonists on the island. White’s timing was poor and was unable to return to Roanoke until 1590. When he arrived, he found the entire colony had vanished, the only clue to their disappearance was the word “Croatoan” carved into a tree. Since then, what has happened to the colonist at Roanoke has plagued history and mystery buffs alike.

The settlers were murdered by a local Native American tribe

A previous attempt to colonized Roanoke Island had been made between 1585 and 1586, but they soon returned to England after attacks from Native Americans. It is more than possible that the same event could have occurred with this batch of colonists as well.

The settlers were murdered by a local Native American tribe

John White, upon his return to England, recorded that there had been skirmishes with local Natives, including an attack just a month before he returned to England.

Settlers joined with nearby Native tribes and assimilated into their culture

Not all relations with local Native American tribes were fraught. When Native ambassador, Manteo, had traveled to England and back with colonists, and returned with the particular set of colonists who arrived on Roanoke Island in 1587.

Settlers assimilated into Native American society

There are several other examples of Indian tribes throughout colonization choosing to dispose the men and integrate the women in history. Furthermore, archaeological evidence points to the group splitting up and joining various tribes in the North Carolina vicinity.

The colonists moved inland

Instead of moving to Croatoan Island, the colonists chose to move inland. John White, the governor of Roanoke was a talented artist and cartographer who created the best map of the North Carolina coast to date. The colonists could have followed that map, which has been said by experts to be extremely accurate, inland.

The colonists moved inland to the mysterious hidden fort

Using advanced imaging techniques, the British Museum determined the smaller patch was covering a four-pointed star, outlined in blue, and filled in with red. This star, based on comparisons, may indicate the location of a fort inland from Roanoke Island where the colonists could have resettled. John White himself also referenced the possibility of such a settlement in his letters.

The settlers were abducted by aliens

The abduction of aliens would explain why there have never been any bodies found at any of the sites mentioned within this topic.

Alien abduction is responsible for the Roanoke colonists' disappearence

. Mass alien abduction would explain why no bodies have ever been found. Additionally, it remains possible in this line of thinking that the hidden symbol found below the patch by the British Museum may indicate an alien landing site or crop circle phenomenon, rather than a formal British fortification.

The lost colony of Roanoke disappeared due to a zombie plague

If Roanoke were to be the single example of a zombie plague afflicting a populace, it may explain why the colonists suddenly disappeared. As a self-contained island with a relatively small population, that could explain why there weren’t any further outbreaks.

The colony of Roanoke suffered from a zombie plague

. It may offer an explanation as to the swift disappearance of all the colonists, and the lack of evidence tied to a skirmish with local Native Americans. Also, as Roanoke was an island, it could explain why the infection was contained to just this locale.
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