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Alcoholic beverages are widely consumed across the globe in a multitude of settings. Many people enjoy and promote alcohol use, while many others point out its potential negative impacts. Is alcohol consumption healthy?

Yes, drinking alcohol is healthy. Show more Show less

Alcohol can have multiple health and psychological benefits.
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Alcohol is healthy because it can reduce heart disease.

Alcohol has been shown to decrease risk of heart problems.
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The Argument

Heart disease, such as heart attacks and strokes, are a major cause of death and medical problems in our society. Alcohol has been linked to reduction of heart disease. Alcohol consumption can increase healthy HDL cholesterol levels in the bloodstream, which protects against heart disease. It can also reduce blood clotting and inflammation, both of which can cause heart attacks or strokes.

Counter arguments

-There is not proven causational evidence for alcohol improving heart health. -Not everyone who consumes alcohol will do so in healthy amounts. -Alcohol can cause other health problems such as obesity that outweigh its benefits.


P[1] Alcohol can reduce cardiovascular disease. P[2] Reduction of cardiovascular disease is healthy, so alcohol is healthy.

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