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In the nineteenth century, Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace advanced a new theory to explain the origins of life on earth and the evolution of different lifeforms. They called it the theory of evolution by natural selection. Natural selection is the key mechanism by which all organisms have evolved. Today, many call the theory 'the theory of evolution' or 'Darwin's theory of evolution' (since Wallace is not as well-known).

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The theory is correct because it is supported by an abundance of historical and scientific data. It is also explanatorily successful and the bedrock of biology. In a nutshell, the theory says that all lifeforms have emerged with variations from species that existed before them. This evolution happened through a phenomenon called natural selection. Natural selection can be described as "survival of the fittest" since the "fittest" organisms—the ones that are most cut out for their environment—are the ones that have the highest rate of reproduction and the greatest chance of passing on their best traits. A change in environment will spark a gradual change in those traits that help with survival.
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