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Will Donald Trump or Joe Biden be better for the environment? Show more Show less
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Climate change poses an existential threat to the world. The 2020 United States Presidential candidates are in a position to make or break the future of this planet. Each candidate takes a starkly different stance on the environment and its intersection with the economy, trade, and scientific fact.

Neither candidate will do enough for the environment Show more Show less

Neither candidate does enough to treat the climate crisis as the emergency that it is.
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Both candidates take money from energy executives.

Candidates need to be unbiased by donations from oil, gas, or coal companies.
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Billionaire Lynn Schusterman, who inherited an oil-and gas fortune from her late husband Charles, donated $5,600 this spring to a political committee that raises money for Joe Biden and the Democratic National Committee. Last month, the committee refunded that contribution, according to Schusterman’s daughter, Stacy, despite Biden's campaign pledge[1] to not accept money from fossil-fuel executives or companies.

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