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Public, private, homeschooled, or charter - there are many different ways to provide education to children. Homeschooling is a very popular method, with varying ways of teaching within itself. Students can be taught by online teachers, parents, or even partially attend a class. Should all children be educated with some sort of homeschool method?

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Homeschooling allows children to get a high quality education without the negative environment of establishment schooling.
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Children can be recognized for their achievements

With a limited amount of students, homeschoolers can actually be recognized for quality work.

The Argument

In over-populated schools, it is often difficult for children to receive the recognition required for confidence in their work. The average class size in a US public school is around 25 students.[1] The average class size in the UK is around 27 students.[2] With the short amount of time each teacher gets with students, it's difficult to recognize every single child. With homeschooling, the only fellow students are siblings. When a child does good work, they are able to instantly be recognized for their accomplishments. They can excel and improve faster with quality and tailored advice, and they can be given help for as long as is necessary.

Counter arguments

Although children may be getting more one on one time, they are missing out on things such as award ceremonies, peer tutoring, and group learning environments. They take on challenges individually and must be individually motivated. While this may work for some, it is not a learning strategy that every child can successfully learn with.



[P1] Public schools have a large class size. [P2] Large class size means less individual time. [P3] Homeschooling minimizes class size. [P4] Homeschooling means individual children can get more recognition.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P4] This is not necessarily conducive to better work.


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