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What are the most useful skills to learn while social distancing? Show more Show less
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All this time alone can be frustrating. But let's not forget that Shakespeare allegedly wrote his masterpiece 'King Lear' while in quarantine from the Bubonic Plague. As the titular character in that great play states “Nothing can come of nothing.” Don't despair - use this time to learn valuable skills, so when you do emerge from this pandemic period, you do so stronger, wiser and ready to take on the new world.

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Sharing your experiences with the world is more vital now than ever before.
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Create a Parlia map

Want to write, but want to stick to the facts? Have knowledge you'd like to share with the world? Make your mark on the world's first encyclopedia of opinion.

The Argument

Creating a Parlia map will enable you and others to collaboratively participate in arguments, and therefore have a deeper understanding of any topic of your choosing. As a collective effort, there is a high possibility for growth. The progression of life depends on differing opinions and the expression of them.[1] Parlia maps can help you increase your writing skills by learning how to take large amounts of information and condense it into a clear and concise argument.

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