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What are the most effective work from home practices during COVID-19?
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Ensure everyone is aligned

Checking in with your team each day to check everyone is working towards the same goals is crucial, as isolation can result in mental drift.
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The Argument

A survey conducted globally in November 2019 reflected that 42% CEOs worldwide considered regular communication with employees essential in harnessing productivity.[1] However, especially with the present prolonged condition of work from home can make one feel isolated and lonesome. Moreover, without one’s colleagues to keep checking in with, an individual can soon find himself out of step with the rest of the team. This increased and delayed communication can prove to be detrimental not just for the individual in question, but for the team and ultimately the company itself. To prevent such a situation, remaining in constant and scheduled contact with one’s colleagues is essential. Staying connected through text messages, e-mails and calls ensures a smoother working process and eliminates the possibilities of any misunderstandings. Video calls with the entire team, not only helps people to remain in contact with others, thus ensuring sanity to prevail, but also helps to boost morale. It also creates an office-like environment providing a feeling of normalcy which can be comforting in the present situation.

Counter arguments

At such a time when almost the entire world is banking on the internet to help them keep their life on track, communication with colleagues through mediums such as video calling may prove to be a cumbersome task on account of certain network connectivity issues. Thus, establishing a video calling link does not just take up valuable time, but it also does not guarantee effective communication because of disturbances, static noises and lack of resources. Another drawback to online communication is increased screen time. Spending a dedicated number of hours working on an electronic device already has certain harmful ramifications for the body, particularly the eyes. Adding work meetings through video calling increases the visual fatigue experienced by an individual, causing them to develop headaches and feel overly tired.



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