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With offices around the world closed while we hunt for a coronavirus vaccine, millions are working from home for the first time. Adjusting to conference calls from your bedroom can be disorienting, but making small changes to your environment can energise and improve your concentration.

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Replace water cooler chat with regular breaks.
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A lunch hour for the soul.

In trying to maximize productivity we often tend to have desk lunch breaks. Taking a lunch hour break can help re-energize the mind, replenish working capacity and maintain office routine.
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The Argument

A large fraction of people tend to have lunch at their desks to make the most of their work hours and now, working from home in the current situation might only serve to reinforce this habit further. Studies show that taking breaks is very important to maintain focus. It is so as prolonged attention to a constant stimulus causes the brain to register it as unimportant, which in turn reduces cognitive capacity. [1] [2] Taking a lunch break away from the table helps replenish mental energy which increases focus and efficiency. When working from home a lunch break can be used to develop healthier eating habits as well. Preparing and eating healthy home cooked meals also helps break away from the screens. In addition this time can also be used to check in on family and friends which is especially important in present times. It is also a good time to catch up on daily household chores. A fixed lunch hour away from the desk is a good way to de-stress and refresh the mind. Furthermore it is an easy way of replicating the office routine at home granting a feeling of normalcy.

Counter arguments

Prolonged lunch breaks especially in the comfort of home can lead to procrastination. It is very easy to get carried away when in the cozy surrounding of home. This can lead to diminished productivity. Furthermore, when one is engrossed in their work and a dedicated lunch hour be an unwelcome hindrance thus breaking whatever link one might have with their work. Studies have shown that after a break, it becomes very difficult to re-establish a connection with the task being done earlier.


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