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Access to healthcare is essential for our quality of life and longevity. However, healthcare doesn't come cheap. Should individuals be forced to pay their own healthcare costs? Is healthcare a marketable commodity or an inalienable human right?

No, healthcare shouldn't be free Show more Show less

The individual should be financially responsible for the services they use. This encourages them to make better health decisions, increases the quality of the health system, and leave the government with more money to spend on other things that matter.
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Free healthcare deincentivises making good choices

Under a health system that is free at the point of use, there is no financial incentive to make good health choices.
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The individual has the responsibility to keep themselves healthy. One way of incentivizing good health choices is by making them pay for their healthcare. A free system provides no incentive for making good health choices.

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Having a long and healthy life is an incentive in and of itself. There is no correlation between making good health choices and the cost of healthcare. The United States has some of the highest obesity rates on the planet, but it also has some of the highest healthcare costs. This clearly indicates that people do not consider the financial implications of bad dietary decisions when they are deciding what to eat.



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