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Access to healthcare is essential for our quality of life and longevity. But healthcare doesn't come cheap. Should individuals be forced to pay their own healthcare costs? Is healthcare an inalienable human right? What are the pros and cons of free healthcare?

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Healthcare systems that are free for the public at the point of use reduce financial inequality, improves economic productivity, and save human lives.
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Free healthcare saves lives

A nation should take actions that save the most lives and protect the most people. Free healthcare saves lives and protects people.
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A government has the responsibility to keep people safe. Providing healthcare free of charge saves people’s lives. Therefore, the government has the responsibility to provide free healthcare.

The Argument

A lack of access to affordable healthcare or health insurance contributes to around 45,000 deaths per year according to researchers from Harvard University. The 55-64 age bracket alone contributes around 13,000 of these deaths.[1] This is why the U.S. has some of the highest death rates for preventable health issues. When people cannot afford to pay for healthcare, they do not go to the doctors or the hospital. This leads to diseases going undiagnosed or being diagnosed too late, reducing the chance of recovery. A free healthcare system would help diagnose diseases earlier and save more lives.

Counter arguments


[P1] Governments have the duty to protect their citizens. [P2] Free healthcare saves lives. [P3] Therefore, governments should provide free healthcare.

Rejecting the premises



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