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With death tolls mounting, hospitals overflowing, unemployment skyrocketing, and much of the population confined to their homes, there is no shortage of people in need. But who should you help during the coronavirus pandemic? Where are the efforts best spent in order to do the most good?

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By helping businesses, you are helping people.
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By helping businesses you are helping people

In helping local businesses, you are contributing to people's salaries and helping to keep people employed at this testing time.
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Giving businesses your custom allows them to keep their employees on and helps families maintain an income.

The Argument

Restaurants and bars have been forced to close their doors to patrons, however, many are still able to serve food for pickup or delivery. Ordering food from these restaurants, or buying gift cards to your favourite bar, allows them to keep cash coming in during the pandemic and keep their employees on staff.

Counter arguments

If the end goal is to help people, why not just help the people directly. For every $1 spent at a business, the government takes a cut of it in taxes, the businesses takes some to cover operating expenses and a fraction of the whole dollar is spent on staffing. The $1 would fo far further if we gave it directly to the people that need it.


[P1] We need to help families stay afloat during the coronavirus crisis. [P2] Businesses employ workers. [P3] By helping businesses, you are helping their workers keep their jobs. [P4] Therefore, we should help businesses.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P3] If the goal is to help workers, help them directly.


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