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A homeless individual lacks a permanent and safe nighttime residence. Approximately 150 million people worldwide suffer from homelessness. Although a wide variety of potential solutions exist, experts disagree about the correct response to this widespread problem.

We should help people who are homeless through social services. Show more Show less

Social services provide homeless people with more extensive aid, helping them to obtain housing, health care, and education in ways that individual donations can't.
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Housing First Model

In order to help homeless people leave the streets, we must provide them with basic necessities.
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The Argument

According to the Housing First assistance program, we can best combat homelessness by providing homeless people with a stable residence. By providing homeless individuals with this basic necessity, we can empower them to seek other facets of a healthy life. We cannot expect homeless individuals to address limiting difficulties like mental health, addiction, and relational problems without providing them with a stable means of livelihood. If we fail to do this, these individuals will never be able to rectify problems that contribute to their homelessness, because their attention will be absorbed by survival. The Housing First approach emphasizes the value of providing homeless individuals with a solid foundation of basic necessities, so they can focus on rebuilding their lives.[1]

Counter arguments

There is no guarantee that basic necessities will help these individuals escape homelessness. In some instances, the external factors that cause homelessness are substantial and cannot be solved simply by providing these people with a home. If we create Housing First centered social services, we will channel the public's tax money into a plan that could be ineffective.



[P1] External factors often cause a person to be homeless. [P2] Homeless people need basic necessities to focus on rectifying factors that contribute to their homelessness.

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