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The Royal Family is considered a pillar in the British cultural and political landscape. The country tunes in for their weddings, places bets on their baby names and earnestly discusses their wardrobe choices. However, polling shows that many people have a critical view of the royals and do not support the way they operate – for example their secrecy or tax-avoidance – or the public money that's spent on them. Given the monarchy's diminished role in politics, is it time to get rid of the royals? Or do they still serve a purpose in modern society?

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The monarchy is an outdated and problematic institution that has no place in the modern UK.
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The monarchy reinforces the class system in Britain

The existence of the monarchy affirms class divisions which are particularly entrenched in the UK.
Monarchy Social Class
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The social class system in Britain is reinforced by the unearned wealth, privilege and entitlement of the royals. This is utterly unfair to those living in poverty. Prior to Harry and Meghan’s ‘resignation’, a petition was presented in Sussex asking for them to not use their titles [1] . The applications stated that “the monarchy is an intolerable institution can be widely agreed; the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are merely the latest and loudest to say it, just as George IV, with his bedizened escape hatch by the sea, was one of the most flamboyant to express it. There are many reasons to argue for the monarchy’s abolition; it is only lately that the human rights of those born and married into it have come into focus as among the most compelling arguments for the institution’s obsolescence.”

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