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We all know someone who cannot for the life of them show up anywhere on time. We now have a lot of technology that helps us avoid this issue - so where is the problem? Is being late a symbol of disrespect for others' time? Is being late a symbol of optimism in the amount of time it takes to get somewhere? Or something else entirely?

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They have their own gain in mind.
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Some people prioritize their time over other people's

Sometimes, a "me-first" mentality can be beneficial, but never when it comes to punctuality. Some people's tardiness can be attributed to underlying character flaws-specifically, selfishness.


In cultures across the world, it is considered rude to arrive late to an event you have previously committed to, whether it be a date, a meeting, or just an ordinary day at work. Sometimes, people show up late because of outside occurrences they have no control over, like car troubles or traffic. Other times, lateness indicates a lack of preparation or even disrespect for the other people involved in your plans.

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Countless theories attempt to explain why some people are always late but many of these hypotheses are far too forgiving. When it becomes a regular occurrence, tardiness is not just a result of poor time management or overcrowded schedules. Rather, it’s a poignant show of an individual’s priorities. If a person is always late, they evidently care little about other people’s time (or opinion of them.) On the contrary, they place more importance on their own schedules than anyone else’s. Because of this, feel no need to manage their time properly-or, heaven forbid, rush-to make it to places on time. Naturally, everyone is late once in a while. It is only when tardiness becomes a habit that it indicates an underlying character flaw. By being late, you show others a lack of respect for their time, and willingness to disrupt their plans to prioritize your own schedule. On the other hand, by being punctual, you show respect for other people’s commitments, as well as your own.

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