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Should Puerto Rico become a U.S. state or independent? Show more Show less
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Puerto Rico, one of five American territories, has limited power and rights under its territory categorization. Some mainland Americans argue Puerto Rico should become the 51st U.S. state. Activists in Puerto Rico go one step further—full independence.

Puerto Rico should become a U.S. state Show more Show less

Puerto Rico has been a U.S. territory for over 100 years. No U.S. territory that has fit all statehood requirements and voted for a referendum has waited that long for statehood. It's time to abide by the wishes of the Puerto Rican people and give them statehood, which comes with increased federal benefits and the ability to vote.
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Puerto Rico would receive increased federal benefits

Puerto Rico has a number of inequities in federal programs like Medicaid and family tax credits, and is ineligible for food stamps for disaster victims. Statehood would immediately help out the island, which has been ravaged by natural disasters.
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