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It's a question humanity has pondered for centuries. People have throughout time reported seeing mysterious objects flying in the sky, sightings of little green men, and even being abducted. But is this just the stuff of imagination? Does life exist in outer space? Or are we really all alone?

Detection or contact with an alien life form is not possible Show more Show less

The question might be irrelevant since there a no means to identify presence of alien life
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SETI project have not yielded any results for many years

The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence has been operating for long without giving any evidence
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The Argument

The SETI [1] project looks for alien life by listening radio waves from space and discriminate from natural emission (form stars, galaxies,..) and signals generated by an intelligence. So far the research did not provide any results proving that detecting a communication is high unlikely,

Counter arguments

Looking for radio communication might be a limiting factor since it assumes alien communicate in a method similar to ours. Charles Stuart Bowyer states that method might be ineffective [2] : it also requires that a communication is directed towards earth or Solar System with an high-energy beam ; hearing a radio leakage similar to our radio and TV transmission is extremely unlikely.


Failure to detect a intelligence signal might imply that is not possible to communicate with external alien form of life.

Rejecting the premises

The "Fermi paradox" [3] states that Earth should have already been visited by alien or their probes.




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