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Can plastic products be replaced with eco friendly options?
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There's no substance currently known that has the same versatility of plastic

Plastic has been a beloved substance due to its many uses and has a place in everyones lives, from their cars and phones to their take out and medical devices. Other substances come close but none have been able to do everything plastic can do.

The Argument

Since the invention of plastic, many materials have followed. Bioplastics, silicone, even glass, but none of these have been able to match plastics many uses and capabilities. Of course they all have their own individual uses and no one can deny that they're useful but they don't match up to what plastic can do. It's capabilities are endless and the only thing holding it back is human imagination and ingenuity. Every field, every job, from agriculture to flying, it's found its uses and been key in our technological evolution to where we are now.[1] Since it's discovery it's remained the king of versatile substances. Metal doesn't share plastics flexibility. Wood can't match up to it's sturdiness. Silicone, almost matches it in every category but price. It's more expensive to make and shape silicone.[2] What it boils down to is money. People like the cheaper options and with plastic being known as easily replaceable it's the favorite choice.

Counter arguments

Silicone is a close second to plastic, with only cost holding it back. What it lacks it makes up for in being relatively toxin free which allows for more freedom in uses. It's also able to take high temperatures, making it a perfect for insulators, be it technology or cooking. With its similarity to rubber, it might not reach the stiffness plastic can achieve but that doesn't take away from the fact its softer form has a plethora of applications.[3] Part of the reason silicone is only now starting to become popular is because more and more people are starting to care about defending the planet.[4] It's a bit hard when the people they're up against have money and power backing them but finding eco-friendly replacements is just the first step. It's important that people aren't just searching for these changes but want to change and are actively participating in the change. It takes time and effort, two things which people don't always have or want to give because 'someone else can take care of it.' If everyone paid a little more attention and a little more care towards the planet, then the world would be a better place, for everyone.



[P1] No substance currently known can match all of plastics uses [P2] While silicone comes close, it's expensive to produce and not as cost effective despite the benefits

Rejecting the premises

[RP1] People need to be active participants in replacing plastic to help the planet


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