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Zoos can be a fun trip for any age, young or old. It may be the only chance most people will be able to see various exotic animals from around the world. Yet, they have also been known to be unethical or dangerous for both the animals and people. What are the sides to the zoo debate? Are zoos truly bad?

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Zoos are simply a fun day out, and are also ways to support vulnerable animals.
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Zoos provide research opportunities

Scientists are able to study and better understand animals and their natural environments.
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The Argument

Zoos are able to conduct research on their animals to gain more knowledge about a species. They can better understand their instincts and habitat in order to better care for and help them.[1] Most zoos are primarily focused on conducting research and educating others. For example, research opportunities at zoos allow college students to gain direct experience working with wild animals.[2] Thanks to advanced research, a zoo was able to breed the first Sumatran rhino in over 100 years.[3]

Counter arguments

Humans should not be conducting research on live animals. Despite learning more about a species and its environment, it is still unethical and cruel to the animal. Zoos should not be able to conduct research on animals against their will.



[P1] Zoos are useful for research. [P2] Most zoos are focused on researching and helping animals.

Rejecting the premises




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