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Are humans responsible for climate change?

Climate change isn't just global warming, it's also a change in regional or global weather patterns. There are many other factors though that cause these world wide changes. People have been questioning whether humans are at fault for climate change or if the fears surrounding it are real at all.

Yes, humans are responsible for climate change

Humans are the main contributors to pollution and pollution is one of the biggest factors contributing to climate change.

Pollution, like CO2 emissions, are a leading cause of climate change

CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions are a major contributor to global warming. This is because CO2 is a greenhouse gas and also what materials, like wood or fossil fuel, give off when burned. These greenhouse gasses absorb heat from the sun and trap it in the atmosphere, heating up the planet.

Other forms of pollution also effect the planet and its climate

It's not just CO2 that's effecting the planet. All forms of pollution impact the planets overall health and climate. Deforestation, trash dumping in the ocean, and more are all things that contribute to climate change. The pollution and the efforts to counteract it are both because of humans.

No, humans are not responsible for climate change

Humans aren't responsible for climate change because its a natural occurring process. The planet has gone through many different climate changes over the millions of years its existed.

Climate change is a naturally occurring process that happens through history

This isn't the first time earth has experienced a global climate change and it won't be the last time. Climate change is a process that people seem to forget doesn't have to take millions of years but can happen much faster, sometimes instantaneously. Humans are just along for the ride.

Climate change takes time while natural disasters are immediate threats

Previous climate change takes millions of years to effect the planet. However, natural disasters can cause these changes almost instantaneously. Humans aren't responsible for the things Mother Nature has done to effect the planet.

Climate change is a hoax

Climate change is a lie that's been completely blown out of proportion.

Climate change is full of dramatic predictions that won't happen

Climate change is supposed to not only cause a change in temperature but a shift in how the planet functions. It's supposed to make living harder for all lifeforms and change the very topography of the planet. However, the changes seen are minor in comparison to the theories people have been given.


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