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What are the most successful social media "quarantine challenges"?

As the world looks for escapism to take their thoughts off the coronavirus, social media "challenges" are taking off. With more time on their hands, the world's citizens are getting creative in what they share with the world. Which ones have proved popular so far?

TikTok Challenges

The Flip the Switch Challenge

Friends pair up to swap costumes, clothes, uniforms and beauty looks at the same time. Explore

The Don't Rush Challenge

Black women are doing this coronavirus challenge in style. Groups of friends make mini videos of themselves individually dancing with a make up brush, before virtually 'passing it on' to the next person. Explore

The Savage Challenge

People record themselves recreating a dance to the song “Savage" by Megan Thee Stallion. Explore

Instagram Challenges

The Until Tomorrow Challenge

Users post an embarrassing photo of themselves, which will be deleted within 24 hours. The user must message anyone who likes the post, instructing them to post their own. Explore

The Handstand T Shirt Challenge

Beloved of celebrities including Jake Gyllenhaal, the challenge requires a person to put on a tee shirt while doing a headstand. Explore

The Museum Challenge

Users must recreate famous pieces of artwork at home, often featuring themselves in well known poses. Explore

Facebook Challenges

The Quarantine Film Challenge

Users must write, produce and direct a new film from their homes. Explore

Twitter Challenges

The Composers in Quarantine Challenge

Famous songwriters including Andrew Lloyd Webber and Nile Rodgers challenge each other to play each other's compositions. Explore

The Quarantine Song Challenge

Twitter users post the name of the song that was number one on their 12th birthday. This is their isolation theme tune. Explore
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