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Global warning has been a major concern for climate scientists for a few decades now. However, polling shows public discourse remains divided as to how real it is, what causes it and how to react to it.

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Those who think concerns are overplayed and probably motivated by a left-wing agenda. Also those who think the Earth's climate system isn't changing at all (it might even be cooling down). Weather has always been messy and unpredictable anyway.
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Climate Change is a leftwing government hoax

Scientists are being supported by the government to fake their data to show global warming. Climate change is not real, but merely a government hoax.

The Argument

Climate change is a large scale hoax intended to mislead the public. Scientists, acting either willingly or unwillingly under the government, are faking their findings of changes to the Earth's environment. Scientists who find data to suggest against global warming or who express doubts about it are suppressed out of the peer-review process. The scientists who are able to publish their findings have their data manipulated to cultivate the climate change image. Scientists are pressured by the media and government to exaggerate and scare the public in order to receive a reaction.[1] The governments of the world support this facade of climate change and use it as an instrument to exert power over the citizens of the world. People should not fall for the hoax of climate change because it was a conspiracy created by the government.[2]

Counter arguments

There is broad scientific consensus that climate change is real, confirmed worldwide by the most knowledgeable scientists in the field; the science is real data backed by the scientific method, not fake.



This argument assumes the belief that the scientific findings and studies supporting climate change are either fake or incorrect.


[P1] The data suggesting climate change is falsified. [P2] Climate change is a hoax.

Rejecting the premises

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