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Do cell phones cause cancer? Show more Show less

The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified the radiofrequency fields generated by cell phones as "possibly carcinogenic to humans." With billions of people around the world using cell phones on a regular basis, any link between cell phones and cancer would represent a major public health risk. What does the science say? Has enough research been done? And can existing studies be trusted?

No, cell phones don't cause cancer. Show more Show less

There is no good reason to believe cell phones are a serious danger.
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Epidemiology says no

There is no statistical association between cancer rates and cell phone use.
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The Argument

If cell phone use was responsible for increased cancer risk, then epidemiologic research would show a clear correlation between cell phones and cancer, but no such connection has been found. Three large-scale epidemiologic studies have investigated the potential link between cell phones and cancer, and none of them indicated a statistically significant association between cancer diagnoses and cell phone use in the populations studied, even after 10+ years of monitoring. Numerous smaller studies have further validated these findings.

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[P1] Epidemiology has found no link between cell phones and cancer.

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