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Rap is a music genre that has evolved over time into one of the most popular forms of music the world over. And to excel at the rap game requires style, a way with words and lyrics, verbal gymnastics, ability to entertain, and many other skills. So who has the best rap game? Who has done the most for the craft? Who has had the biggest impact on our hearts and minds?

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With a talent to combine details of his life in rhyme, Kendrick's success from his albums is representative of uniqueness. He is versatile and forward in his creativity, making him the rap industry's best artist.
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Kendrick Lamar is a master of triple and quadruple-time rhythms

The rhythm of a rap determines the song's tone. It drives the music and establishes a mood. Kendrick Lamar raps with a rhythmic talent that naturally controls the flow of the song.
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The Argument

Kendrick Lamar is an incredibly gifted rapper in terms of rhythm, and his album, "To Pimp a Butterfly," is an excellent example of his talent. Lamar is able to rap in a way that makes it sound like he is actively, yet naturally, controlling the rhythm rather than following a beat.[1] Kendrick Lamar broke new ground by releasing the first rap album to ever win a Pulitzer Prize. Further, his "rhythmic dynamism" was cited as one of the reasons for the award, which he won for his 2015 album, "DAMN."[2] Kendrick Lamar produces groundbreaking content, making him the best rapper of all time.

Counter arguments

Kendrick Lamar is incredibly gifted when it comes to rhythm, however rap is more than just rhythm. Kendrick Lamar isn't the only rapper with rhythmic talent. Other rappers with comparable rhythmic talent, like the notorious B.I.G and Eminem, are more accomplished and have more entertaining lyrics.


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