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Rap is a music genre that has evolved over time into one of the most popular forms of music the world over. And to excel at the rap game requires style, a way with words and lyrics, verbal gymnastics, ability to entertain, and many other skills. So who has the best rap game? Who has done the most for the craft? Who has had the biggest impact on our hearts and minds?

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Shakur's poetic and motivational lyrics make him the most influential rapper of his time. He employed various techniques in producing sounds to deliver his unique artistry. His music addressed issues within the Black community as well as the stigma against them, which resonated with young audiences.
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Tupac created an incredible amount of material in his short career.

Tupac was tragically murdered in 1996, but he had already left his mark on the hip hop world by then. The quantity and quality of music that Tupac created in his 6 short years as a rapper is nothing less than extraordinary.
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The Argument

Tupac died in 1996 at age 25, just 6 years after he began his rap career in 1989. Given this incredibly small time frame, it's impressive that the artist was able to produce 11 albums and 2 live albums. Even in his songs, Tupac was extremely efficient without sacrificing quality. The track "Hail Mary" was recorded in just 30 minutes with only a couple of takes.[1] Tupac is the greatest because of what he was able to accomplish in such a short amount of time.

Counter arguments

Tupac was an incredible rapper, however, efficiency does not make him the best rapper of all time. Efficiency was Tupac's major flaw. Masterpieces take time to create, and unfortunately Tupac didn't create with patience. Had he slowed down and created less, his music most likely would have been the greatest of all time.



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