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The Democrats are preparing to beat Donald Trump in the 2020 US Presidential election. While united by party, the contenders are divided on how they plan to take the US forward. So, who are the possible top candidates? What are their policies and what do they represent? And could they beat Donald Trump in an election?

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What does Michael Bloomberg stand for? A successful business man, and former mayor of New York City,
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Michael Bloomberg gives to positive causes

Bloomberg has given large amounts of money to gun control and climate change causes.
2020 US Election Michael Bloomberg
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Bloomberg is a renowned philanthropist, with a strong track record of donating his own money to causes he believes in. In 2013, a $1.1billion donation to Johns Hopkins University made him the most generous living donor to any educational institution in the US.

The Argument

Bloomberg's generosity to climate change and gun control efforts shows that he practices what he preaches. This includes a $50 million donation to establish Everytown for Gun Safety, an initiative, focussing on expanding background checks for purchasing weapons.[1] These issues are of extremely high importance to Democratic voters, and show the way in which he will support these causes in his administration.

Counter arguments

Giving money has absolutely nothing to do with the Presidency. Many people have money, and many use it to support liberal causes. This is completely irrelevant to having the leadership qualities necessary to be President. Additionally, his Presidential campaign is costing him astronomical amounts of money - money that he could otherwise spend supporting these causes.


[P1] Bloomberg has given a large amount of money to philanthropic causes important to the liberal agenda. [P2] This shows a genuine passion for important issues, and therefore the values he would carry to the Presidency.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] Giving money to causes does not prove the necessary skills to translate these beliefs to policy in the Presidency.



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