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The controversial figure is known as much for his controversial comments, as loyalty to Queen and country. But who really is he? An ancient deity? A hideous racist? Or a simple family man and national treasure?

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For decades, Prince Philip's comments drew criticism for their offensive and insensitive nature.
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Prince Philip is a unabashed racist

The Prince has been known for his racially insensitive comments, including "Still throwing spears?" to Australian Aboriginals.
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The Argument

Prince Philip is a racist, and he has made racially insensitive comments consistently for decades. Some of these include telling the president of Nigeria that he looks ready for bed when the latter was wearing traditional robes, asking native Australians if they are still throwing spears at one another, and insinuating that British exchange students living in China will eventually get "slitty-eyed."[1] There are many more comments where these come from, and they demonstrate that Prince Philip has very problematic views about people of color.

Counter arguments

One of Prince Philip's comments--specifically the one about throwing spears--was not actually racist. According to one of the native Australians who met him, the royal's question was based not on a misconception of indigenous culture but instead on a performance involving the throwing of boomerangs and spears that was put on by a group of Aboriginal people.[2] Prince Philip's comment was therefore taken out of context and is not indicative of a racist attitude towards indigenous Australians.


Rejecting the premises

Further Reading

More on prejudiced comments that Prince Philip has made:



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