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How were the Pyramids at Giza built?
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The Pyramids are connected to certain scientific and astronomical phenomena

The Pyramids at Giza line up with Orion's belt and true north, and have some suspiciously clever coordinates. Enthusiastic ufologists claim these are not coincidences but proof of the celestial origins of Egypt's most famous monuments.
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The Argument

There are many strange features of the Pyramids at Giza which may be clues to their intergalactic origins. The Pyramids are aligned to true North within a tenth of a degree. An incredible feat for ancient people. The pyramids are located at the geographical coordinates 29.9792458°N. The speed of light is 299792458 meters per second. This may not be a coincidence but a hint to humanity that the pyramids came from the stars.[1] The three pyramids also line up exactly with the constellation Orion’s Belt, and the sphinx lines up with Leo. The aliens may have been indicating that they came from Orion. [2] Aliens may have left humans clues as to where the knowledge used in the pyramids' construction came from.

Counter arguments

The speed of light number is probably a coincidence. Although it does pass through the pyramid, it also passes through many other monuments. This line passes slightly North of where it is supposed to according to ufologists, it is not the apex of the pyramid. If you insist on including seven decimal places for a degree of latitude, it is possible to draw 20,000 other lines through the pyramid, none of which are interesting numbers.[3] It is very easy to make a line of stars line up with a line on earth, everything lines up with some stars somewhere It is not very difficult to find true north by looking at the night sky and finding the pole star.[4] We know that the Egyptians were highly skilled at astronomy and mathematics from examining ancient texts. The ancient Egyptian interest in astronomy does not imply they must have met aliens. The speed of light number is a coincidence, and not an impressive one. We know from written evidence that the Egyptians were knowledgeable about mathematics and astronomy. The is no evidence for the existence of ancient aliens, they are not a plausible alternative explanation.



Rejecting the premises


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