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With the rise of gun violence and school shootings, many people believe that the school environment can be safer for everyone if teachers carry guns and have a defensive weapon to use against school shooters and other school aggressors.

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Schools are meant to be safe places for learning. Teachers shouldn't be promoting the possibility of violence by carrying guns.
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Students will view the possibility of violence as a normal part of life

The presence of guns at school will signal to students that being on constant alert for an attack at school is normal. Having guns at school normalizes violence and the possibility of violence.
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The Argument

School teachers aim to foster love and passion for learning in the students. Arming them will introduce the idea of threat and fear in school life.[1] Rather than creating a sense of security and safety, guns in school will not just intimidate probable shooters, but also the students. Students deserve to feel safe in classrooms, and arming teachers negates that.[2] Schools should act as safe havens, not potential warzones.

Counter arguments

Students of campuses within CISD (Claude Independent School District) in Texas, which implemented its staff’s concealed gun plan in 2016, reportedly feel safer on campus knowing their staff is armed and ready to act.[3] They believe that guns in the right hands-on campus make for a more safe and relaxed school environment.


Rejecting the premises



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