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30-50% of American adults would describe themselves as working class. A large part of the population, yet one which doesn’t feel heard. Both Trump and Biden have appealed to them by making themselves seem more relatable and trustworthy. If elected, how will they support this alienated demographic?

The American working class should vote for Biden Show more Show less

Over the course of his candidacy, Biden has been working on building support among working class voters. If elected to office, he plans to implement policies to increase housing affordability, improve the Affordable Care Act and tax high income households and corporations to provide better living conditions for everyday Americans.
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Trump used his time in office to benefit large corporations and the wealthy

During Trump’s tenure as president, he has overseen tax breaks to large corporations and the wealthiest people in the country. There is little evidence that his policies have improved living conditions or the financial situation of low income households.
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The Argument

Trump has used his time in office to implement tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans, and has rolled back benefits and health insurance coverage for low income families. The tax bill passed in 2017 cut corporate tax rates and lowered tax rates for the wealthy. Tax Policy Center, a nonpartisan think tank estimates that 80% of these cuts will only benefit the top 1% of the country[1]. His tax plan also served to reduce government spending in help programs like the ACA’s Medicaid. This has meant eliminating subsidies and shortening enrolment periods, costing many low income households their health insurance[2]. Trump’s policies have left the American working class poorer than they were before the 2007 financial crisis. Furthermore, trade wars with China and cuts to healthcare coverage have raised prices and lowered living standards for the people who need the most support[3]. Voting for Biden means voting for the reversal of many of these policies. He will increase the available support for low income families which has been sorely needed for the last 4 years.

Counter arguments

Trump has kept his campaign promises to lower taxes and cut down regulation. This, he argues, frees up businesses and allows the economy to flourish. He has also been working to restore manufacturing jobs to hardworking Americans which will benefit the American working class[4].


[P1] Trump's policies have served to benefit the wealthiest people at the cost of the poorest. [P2] This will continue if he is re-elected. [P3] The American working class should vote for Biden.

Rejecting the premises


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