Case Examples

Please find a selection of examples of excellent Cases made by the community.

They are characterised by clarity of thought and clarity of language. Some are more academic, some more personal, but all advance interesting ideas with good examples, lots of references, and in widely accessible language.

  1. TLDRs: A succinct, precise description of the argument to be made.

  2. Clear formatting - either using bullet points or paragraphs - that helps the reader understand the elements of the argument.

  3. Lots of citations and evidence, all linked to for easy reference.

  4. Engaging approach to the argument - curious, undogmatic, open to debate…


Standardised tests should be banned

Ghosts exist

Corporal Punishment works

ADHD is under-diagnosed in girls and over-diagnosed in boys

God intervenes in the world

Please suggest more here below!

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