Should transgender children medically transition?

The health risks of transitioning for children are too great

Children and adolescents change their minds frequently

The child/adolescent may not actually have gender dysphoria

Medically transitioning has less health risks than not treating gender dysphoria

Transgender children and adolescents should medically transition, but only once they begin puberty

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Should Gay Marriage be legal?

Only God determines the legitimacy of a marriage

Gay marriage would undermine the fidelity of marriage

Gay marriage is beneficial to the economy

Not allowing same-sex marriage is discriminatory

Gay marriage goes against the institution of marriage

Homosexuality is against many religious beliefs

Civil unions provide the best of both worlds

Marriage remains a religious ritual

Marriage is a fundamental right for all

The definition of marriage is always changing

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Are people born gay?

You shouldn’t get to define someone else’s homosexuality

We are better off not knowing whether people are born gay

Sexual orientation is not a binary outcome

The fraternal birth effect shows people are born gay

Gay and straight people show neurological differences

Xq28 is the gay gene

Homosexuality is a genetic trait that runs throughout generations

People can’t be born “gay” if the word itself is fluid

The word is still out on genetics and homosexuality

We can’t choose our sexual orientation because it’s genetically inherent

Epigenetics confirm people are born gay

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Should Transgender People use the bathroom that matches their identity?

Transgender people require treatment not accomodation

Religious conceptions of gender

Transgender people will be safer using the toilet that matches their identity

Transgender bathroom use can’t be policed

Transgender people are dangerous to cis women

Trans identities are valid

It would make non-conforming cisgender people more comfortable

Trans women are not predators

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What should we use as gender-neutral pronouns for non-binary people?

It is improper grammar to use singular “they/them”

Individuals may not agree with any current pronoun options

A new gender-neutral pronoun would be more meaningful

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