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Where do your opinions come from?

Do we ‘think’ our world views, or ‘feel’ them? And what do our beliefs mean for politics and society?

In each episode of On Opinion, Turi Munthe asks thought leaders to share their perspectives on why we think what we think and what it means for the world today, discussing everything from the war on truth to how to argue with people you can’t abide.

We’re in the Age of Opinion - but do we understand what opinions really are?

On Opinion asks:

  • What is an opinion?
  • Why do we think the way we do?
  • What does that mean for society?
  • And how can we learn to talk to each other.

These aren’t idle academic questions today. Understanding how we form our beliefs - the role of culture, inheritance, brute evolution - helps us humanise those we disagree with.

As we face today’s key questions - climate change, inequality, automation, and the rise of authoritarian populism on left and right - On Opinion asks how we can learn to listen to opinions that we detest, so that we can tackle our challenges together.

On Opinion will be talking to experts from around the world and across the political spectrum.

From Philosophy and Psychology, through Evolution, Media Studies and Mediation work, we’ll be asking: why do we hold our beliefs, and how can we talk to those we disagree with.

On Opinion is part of The Democracy Group, a network of podcasts that examines what’s broken in our democracy and how we can work together to fix it.

Series 2

Equalitarianism: the Liberal Bias with Cory Clark

How Cultures Think with Julian Baggini

Negotiating with Warlords with Hichem Khadhraoui

Saving Liberalism with Timothy Garton Ash

The Problem with Microaggression with Regina Rini

Evolutionary Psychology and Politics with Hector Garcia

Dyadic Morality with Kurt Gray

Polarisation around the World with Thomas Carothers

Collective Consciousness with Sarah Rose Cavanagh

The Securitarian Personality with John Hibbing

Bridging the Gap with Stephen Hawkins

The Backlash against Democracy with Roberto Foa

Why we Believe with Michael Shermer

Infodemiology with Jens Koed Madsen

Populism with Jan-Werner Müller

Investing in Injustice - System Justification Theory with John Jost

Conflict is Good with Ian Leslie

Polarisation on the Couch with Alex Evans

Post-Privacy Politics with Michal Kosinski

The Neuroscience of Dehumanisation with Lasana Harris

On Inhumanity with David Livingstone Smith

Psychometrics: Measuring Ourselves with John Rust

The Evolution of Cooperation with Nichola Raihani

The Journal of Controversial Ideas with Francesca Minerva

Emotional Politics with Omar Kholeif and Jonathan Sklar

Political Predisposition with John Hibbing

Generational Politics with Bobby Duffy

Spiritualism Today with Jules Evans

Our Stone-Age Brains with Maren Urner

Series 1

How our Tribes Fail Us with James Mumford

How to Talk with Extremists with Gabrielle Rifkind

How Lies Became the World’s Most Powerful Political Tool with Peter Pomerantsev

How Humans Became Moral Animals with Oliver Scott Curry

How Technology Rewired our Thoughts with Shumon Basar

How Polarisation Ends with Eve Pearlman

How Intelligence Works with David Robson

Emotional Politics: how ‘angry populism’ made President Trump with Karin Wahl-Jorgensen

Can we Trust what we Believe with Miriam Schoenfield

Why do we believe Conspiracy Theories with Karen Douglas

John Stuart Mill and Free Speech today with Nigel Warburton

Why we Lie to Ourselves with Adrian Bardon

Rebuilding Democracy (Pt.1): Equal Citizenship with Robert Talisse

Rebuilding Democracy (Pt. 2): Disagreement and Civility with Robert Talisse

Why Bias is Rational with Kevin Dorst

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