Ten Food and Drink Debates

Is eating meat ethical? What about dog meat? And is veganism the only responsible way to eat to combat the climate crisis? Our curated debates about what we eat and drink, and the implications of those decisions, answers some of these questions.

Is French cuisine the best cuisine?

French gastronomy has long been prized as the epitome of culinary expression and has dominated fine dining and haute cuisine for decades. However, the value of French food has been questioned, both in its connection to colonialism and its repetitiveness.

What is the best diet for weight loss?

There now exists hundreds of different wisdoms on what the best and most effective way to lose weight is. All have different philosophies and different benefits, real or alleged. But which has the most evidence behind it? And which, in reality, is the most effective way to lose weight?

Should you go vegan?

As veganism grows increasingly popular around the world, the debate on whether it’s the “right” way to live divides.

Is eating dog meat immoral?

The consumption of dog meat is legal in most countries and is notably part of Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Swiss, and Nigerian cuisine. However, dog meat is heavily tabooed in Europe and the Americas. In recent years, animal activist groups have fought for the practice to be banned on moral grounds.

Is animal milk healthy?

Milk is a staple of the mammal diet, humans included. However recent studies and debate suggest that drinking milk past childhood is not healthy, and an array of plant-based alternatives have risen in popularity. Is milk healthy?

Should obesity be treated as a disease?

Obesity affects more than 13 of America and is the leading cause of heart problems and heart-related deaths. In today’s day and age, it is often normalized and praised. But should it be considered a disease?

Is drinking alcohol healthy?

Alcoholic beverages are widely consumed across the globe in a multitude of settings. Many people enjoy and promote alcohol use, while many others point out its potential negative impacts. Is alcohol consumption healthy?

What are the pros and cons of vegetarianism?

Vegetarianism has been adopted by different people and cultures since the beginning of human history. However, up until recently, vegetarianism has primarily been a lifestyle resulting from religion or distaste towards meat. With the rise of interest in a vegetarian lifestyle, what are the pros and cons of vegetarianism?

Should we stop eating meat for the environment?

Several forms of pollution - e.g. deforestation, eutrophication of water, leaching of nitrates, antibacterial resistance, release of ammonia, nitrous oxides and methane in the atmosphere - are associated with livestock production. Should we stop eating meat to prevent major environmental pollution?

Should the drinking age be 18?

The risks associated with drinking have led most countries to set a minimum legal age for the purchase or consumption of alcohol, but the specific drinking age varies from place to place. The most common drinking age around the world is 18, but the United States has a minimum legal drinking age of 21, and ages from 15 to 25 are used in other nations. Is 18 the ideal standard, or should the drinking age be 21? Should there be a minimum legal drinking age at all?

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