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In a landmark 2018 court ruling, Jews became a protected "race" under American law. This judgement was divisive. The case, in which a Catholic convert had been denied a job beause of his Jewish bloodline, should have been a victory for victims of anti-Semitism. Instead, many Jews saw its result as short-sighted. They argue that formalising racial distinctions legitimises racism. And that this approach is in the same genre of identity politics as the Holocaust. Others claim that categorising Jews as a minority ethnic group helps protect them against discrimination. Are Jews white?

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Judaism is a religion. Therefore any argument premised on Jewishness as a race, is problematic.
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Jews are a 'family'

Jews have family links one with another, but new members can join the 'family' by marriage co-residence and the like. Skin colours is irrelevant but familt ties are not.
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