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Are psychics real?
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Psychic predictions are intuition-based

Psychics read their clients to make assumptions about them.
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The Argument

Those who claim to be psychics make their predictions about the future based on their own intuition. For instance, a client might be told a very general statement in order to be convinced: "You are seeking a partner who is confident and stable." Of course, this statement can apply to anyone but it appears as if they have made a somewhat accurate assumption about the inner workings of that client's mind. Psychics then use this information to make a series of predictions based on the person you have shown them to be. It is all based on the psychics guessing skills, and time will tell if their guesses turn out to be correct. However, it isn't mind-reading or future seeing. It's logic, not magic.

Counter arguments

Intuition may be a part of it, but if psychic predictions were solely based on this they would not be as accurate as they are. It takes more. It takes a "sixth sense" to predict to the level that many psychics do.


[P1] Psychics learn about their clients through broad questions. [P2] They use intuition to make their prediction.

Rejecting the premises


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