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Should electronic identities be managed by the state? Show more Show less

The management of electronic identities (credentials for accessing state services) should not be sub-contracted to external entities. Electronic identities should be private.

Yes, electronic identities should be managed by the state Show more Show less

State should not sub-contract this activity
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Only the state can guarantee security of data

Sub-contracting to private companies will be more efficient
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All activities related to official "papers" even if they are in fact in an electronic form should be governed by the state.

The Argument

Only state can enure necessary protection and impartiality. A state can run this service without looking for profits and therefore it does not have to compromise quality.

Counter arguments

By having an unique provider it can quickly becomes a captive market. An example is telephony. The move from a single state-owned provider to a multitude of private suppliers caused tariffs to topple without affecting services for the users.



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