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Is the BJP dangerous?

Founded in 1950, modern India is a federal parliamentary democratic republic, with 28 states and 8 union territories. At the 2019 election, almost 614 million people voted, a record 67.1% voter turn out. The Bharativa Janata Party (BJP) was re-elected with a single-party majority, the first since 1971 to do so. With its alliance partners in the National Democratic Alliance, it won 353 of the 543 seats in the lower house or Lok Sabha. Since then many have speculated that the BJP is creating a dangerous political and social environment.

No, the Bharativa Janata Party (BJP) is not dangerous

The BJP has been demonised by the international media. This is unjust as it has done many positive things as well as not being an outlier internationally.

If the BJP were dangerous, they would have been voted out

For the world’s largest democracy, BJP is not dangerous: if it is perceived as such it will be voted out at the next election. Explore

The BJP is not unusual in the global landscape

The BJP is not particularly, or uniquely, dangerous. Other countries are just as bad – if not worse. Explore

The BJP simply exposes existing tensions

The BJP is not dangerous – it is simply revealing the bubbling communal, caste and regional tensions that have always existed. Explore

Far from being dangerous, the BJP has achieved a lot

The BJP had ambitious policies, which positively affected many areas of the Indian population's lives. Explore

There is no credible opposition to the BJP

The Congress party, who were previously in government, are no longer a viable alternative for leadership in India. Explore

Yes, the Bharativa Janata Party (BJP) is dangerous

80% of the Indian population identify as Hindu – about 966 million people. The BJP is a dangerous regime using the prevalence of Hinduism to create a hostile nationalist state.

The BJP is Islamophobic

The BJP encourages and enables anti-Muslim sentiment and passes anti-Muslim policies. Explore

The BJP use Hindutva to hide India's poor economic performance

The BJP is increasingly focussing on harmful identity politics in order to distract from not delivering on their promises. Explore

The BJP has dangerous policies based around Hindutva

Many of the BJP's policies are actively dangerous to some Indian citizens. Explore
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