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White privilege, the notion that white people are afforded societal benefits that members of other races are not, has seeped into our lexicon to explain racial disparity in wealth, race and health. But are racial privileges responsible? Does white privilege exist? Can it adequately explain individual experiences? Or are other factors at play in creating racial inequality?

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White people can be just as disadvantaged as black people. There is no deliberate policy that seeks to afford white people additional privileges and by many measurements, white people are struggling as much, if not more, than their counterparts in other minorities.
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Other factors offer far more privileges

Other demographic factors afford far more societal privileges than race. Instead of white privilege, we should be discussing 'two-parent' privilege.
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There are other privileges that dwarf white privilege. We do not identify these as drivers of inequality or seek to address them in the way we do white privilege. Therefore, white privilege, as a major contributor to racial inequality, is a myth.

The Argument

The real privileges are not afforded to white people. They are afforded to those who grow up with two parents. Two-parent black families have a poverty rate of just 7%. On the other hand, single-parent white families have a poverty rate of 22%. It would appear that the real “privilege” is not being born white but being born into a two-parent household.[1] If you want to attribute privilege to a certain race, Asian-Americans perform far better than white people. Not only do they have lower suicide rates, but they also tend to outperform whites in school, have better credit, and are about to surpass whites as the wealthiest race in the United States.[1]

Counter arguments


[P1] White privilege is designed to frame inequality around race. [P2] The main determiner of inequality is not race. [P3] Therefore, white privilege as a driver of inequality is a myth.

Rejecting the premises




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