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White privilege, the notion that white people are afforded societal benefits that members of other races are not, has seeped into our lexicon to explain racial disparity in wealth, race and health. But are racial privileges responsible? Does white privilege exist? Can it adequately explain individual experiences? Or are other factors at play in creating racial inequality?

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White people can be just as disadvantaged as black people. There is no deliberate policy that seeks to afford white people additional privileges and by many measurements, white people are struggling as much, if not more, than their counterparts in other minorities.
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White privilege is a political construct of the left

The political left relies on a narrative of white privilege for its support.


The political left needs to convince black people that white privilege exists. Therefore, white privilege is a political construct.

The Argument

If minority communities were to realise that their problems are not due to inherent structural racism, the political left would have no philosophical attraction among minorities. The political left needs the public to believe that the root cause of inequality is not laziness or a lack of conviction and determination, but systemic inequalities. That is how they built a political platform. Without the acknowledgement of institutional racism, they have no electoral power to enter government and “change” it.[1]

Counter arguments

The fact that one political party benefits more form a narrative of white privilege than another party, doesn't mean that white privilege is a myth. It might mean that it is exaggerated, but no part of the argument indicates that the concept of white privilege is a myth.



[P1] The political left needs white privilege to exist. [P2] Therefore, the left promotes a narrative of white privilege. [P3] Therefore, white privilege is a myth.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P3] The third premise is not a logical conclusion even if the other premises are true.




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