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A world superpower is usually defined as a country that is capable of projecting its power and influence on a global scale. India's broad range of quality of life among its citizens and booming economy have put the country in a unique position in the world. It competes with leading superpowers in creating new technology and defense, yet most rural areas are still underdeveloped. Impoverished citizens often live in poor sanitation and without healthcare or clean water. Should India be considered a global superpower based on its greatest accomplishments, or are its domestic issues too severe?

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India has not achieved the status of a global superpower, but its quick advances in technology and way of life will soon earn it that title.
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India's global impact makes it an emerging superpower

India has many strong international relations with global superpowers, but still has frequent conflicts with neighboring countries.
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The Argument

India has built strong relationships with the United States and Russia, who are both global superpowers. In recent years, the Indian prime minister has made advancements in foreign and domestic affairs to raise its global position. The powerful minister of external affairs has strengthened preexisting foreign relations and resolved ongoing trade issues.[1] For decades, India and the United States have had friendly relations. The U.S. has provided aid through economic partnerships, trade agreements, and national defense. Under President Barack Obama, a ten-year agreement was established to raise India to a top superpower in defense by sharing military technology and weapons. With support from the U.S., India is beginning to rise to a global superpower.[2] Russia has built powerful relations with India during Vladimir Putin's term as Russian President. Currently, Russia supplies the largest amount of military equipment to India. This relationship benefits both countries since together they make up the physical majority of Asia. India's relationship with Russia is helping establish its position as a global superpower.[3]

Counter arguments

Even though India has established relationships with superpowers like the U.S. and Russia, it still has frequent conflicts with neighboring countries. Pakistan and India have attacked each other numerous times over the past decades due to disagreements in religion, military, and territory. India is able to establish agreements with the biggest global powers but still struggles to have peace with its neighbors. Until India settles its issues with Pakistan, it cannot rise to a global superpower.[4]



[P1] India has a strong relationship with the United States. [P2] India has a strong relationship with China. [P3] Therefore, India is rising to a global superpower.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P3] India still has conflicts with Pakistan.




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