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A world superpower is usually defined as a country that is capable of projecting its power and influence on a global scale. India's broad range of quality of life among its citizens and booming economy have put the country in a unique position in the world. It competes with leading superpowers in creating new technology and defense, yet most rural areas are still underdeveloped. Impoverished citizens often live in poor sanitation and without healthcare or clean water. Should India be considered a global superpower based on its greatest accomplishments, or are its domestic issues too severe?

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India has proven itself as a global superpower with its numerous contributions to technology.
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India's national defense make it a superpower

India has a strong military and stockpile of nuclear weapons.

The Argument

Even though India is not known for its participation in wars, its large military and amount of nuclear weapons are comparable to other superpowers. If a conflict were to arise, India would have sufficient man and machine power. The Indian Armed Forces have over 1.4 million members, which is the second biggest in the world.[1] India has numerous nuclear weapons in their own country and in others, mostly due to their past tensions with neighboring countries. Their numbers are comparable to other global superpowers such as the U.S. and Russia. Therefore, India is a world power.[2]

Counter arguments

Since India has not had any military conflicts for decades, their soldiers lack practical expereince and therefore will be ill-prepared in battle. A massive supply of nuclear weapons and machines is helpful in national defense but will be useless without proper training and practice. Therefore, India should not be considered a global superpower based on its military power.



[P1] India has a strong military. [P2] India has a buildup of nuclear weapons. [P3] Therefore, India should be considered a global power.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P3] India's military has no practical expereince.


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