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Is India a global superpower?
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Overpopulation prevents India from being a global superpower

India has the second-highest number of people in the world and accounts for approximately a sixth of the global population.

The Argument

It is estimated that by 2027, India will surpass China's population, earning it the title of the most populous country in the world. Lack of sexual education and laws that barely regulate the number of children a couple a have has contributed to the problem of overpopulation.[1] Overpopulation has contributed to other problems India has because it is difficult to provide for 1.3 billion people. All programs targeted at improving the quality of life have to have a giant budget to accommodate the millions of people that need help. Since India cannot control its population issue, they cannot completely contain other domestic issues such as poverty and sanitation.

Counter arguments

With the development of technology, education, and women's rights, overpopulation will soon begin to fix itself. More women are receiving higher education and have more opportunities outside of motherhood. With education advancing throughout the country, citizens will be less inclined to have many children.



[P1] By the end of the decade, India will be the most populated country in the world. [P2] Overpopulation is caused by a lack of reproductive education. [P3] Overpopulation in India has led to other domestic issues. [P4] Therefore, India cannot be considered a global superpower.

Rejecting the premises


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