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In recent years, music streaming platforms have become the most common way of listening to music. Gone are the days of records, tapes, CDs, or even shady downloaded mp3s from Limewire. Now, music streaming platforms are worth billions of dollars. But which one deserves your monthly subscription fee?

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Find your friends on Spotify and share playlists with each other!
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Spotify pioneered the concept of a social media network existing within, and enhancing, music streaming services. All users, even non-paying ones, can create a profile from which they can share their own playlists, others' playlists[1], and their most recently listened-to artists[2]. They can also find and follow friends; users who are following each other can see what song the other is listening to when they're on the app, and also create collaborative playlists[3]. Spotify has integrated with other social media platforms; users are able to share their profiles and playlists, as well as links and snippets of specific songs, via sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram[4]. As of July 28, 2020 - likely in response to the COVID-19 pandemic - Spotify has also added an option for a "remote listening party" called Group Session to its platform. Group Session allows up to five Premium subscribers to listen to the same music or podcasts together, regardless of location[5]. The many social media-esque aspects that Spotify has incorporated into the app has completely changed how we listen to music, which is why it is currently the best streaming service on the market, and likely will be for a long time.

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